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Chef s Specialties

(w. White Rice)
S1. Sun Food Special
Pork, chicken, shrimp & crabmeat w. mixed vegs in brown sauce.
S2. Dragon & Phoenix
General tso's chicken and jumbo shrimp w. mixed vegetable in special sauce.
S3. Happy Family
Jumbo shrimp, sliced pork, beef, chicken and veg. w. special sauce.
S4. Pan-Fried Noodles
Choice of shrimp, beef, chicken or pork and mixed vegetable on pan fried noodle.
spicy S5. General Tso's Chicken (S) 6.25 (L) 9.95
S6. Sesame Chicken (S) 6.25 (L) 9.95
spicy S7. Orange Chicken (S) 6.25 (L) 9.95
spicy S8. Orange Beef 10.35
S9. Sesame Beef 10.35
spicy S10. Hunan Chicken or Shrimp 9.95
S11. Shrimp & Chicken w. Broccoli 10.35
spicy S12. General Tso's Shrimp 10.95
S13. Chicken and Shrimp w. Cashew Nut 10.95
S14. Lemon Chicken
Battered, fried boneless chicken breast on top of broccoli with lemon sauce on the side.
spicy S15. Boneless Fish w. Garlic Sauce 10.25